P.E.I.'s Deputy Premier, George Webster, says he never watched a $40 movie in Texas that Island taxpayers ended up footing the bill for.

Webster, the minister of agriculture, was in Texas in November, 2011 staying at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Centre for an agricultural trade conference.

The movie was charged to Webster's hotel room in 2011. He paid for it with a government credit card.

The opposition raised the issue Thursday and said Webster broke the premier's own rules on accountability.

On his hotel bill the Opposition found a $38 USD movie charge. The Opposition says it was paid for by taxpayers.

"It must have been some blockbuster movie, it had to be a real good movie Madam speaker," said Souris-Elmira MLA Colin Lavie.

Webster could not explain the charge, or the movie.

“Maybe the TV was running and i was sleeping madame speaker. I don't know," he said.

Opposition leader Steven Myers said Webster did not live up to Premier Robert Ghiz's own accountability standards that anybody in his cabinet would be removed who used government credit cards in the wrong way.

“This $40 in-room movie is not an expense that should be paid by tax dollars. Instead of reaching into taxpayers' pockets, you should’ve reached into your own pocket,” said Myers.

Webster said if the TV is found to have been on in his room, he will gladly reimburse the $40.