P.E.I.’s Progressive Conservative leader is asking government to commit to a new round of school board elections.

The last trustee elections in the province were held in 2008. The current English-language board was appointed by the provincial cabinet when the eastern and western school boards amalgamated last year.

Education Minister Alan McIsaac has asked the current board to advise on how or even if the province should hold another school board election.

But Steven Myers says that’s unacceptable.

"You can’t have a hand-picked board decide whether or not they should have an election for their jobs," he said. "There’s no democracy in that."

McIsaac said the school board will consult with the Home and School Federation on ways to increase voter turnout if more elections are held.

Turnout for the last election was just below 3.8 per cent.

Last week, the federation said the majority of parents want to be able to vote.