Olive Crane says the province should enact anti-bullying legislation. (Province of P.E.I.)

The province should enact anti-bullying legislation, maintains the P.E.I. Opposition party.

Last spring, as Opposition leader Olive Crane introduced a motion calling on government to bring in such legislation.

The motion passed with unanimous consent.

Crane, now an MLA, still believes government should enact a law to show it's taking a lead role in preventing bullying.

"[It] would really show to people that it's a serious issue, and that there would be extreme consequences because you're involved in bullying. Often you hear people say, 'Well, oh that's just because they're little guys,' But we can no longer do that," said Crane.

But Justice Minister Janice Sherry said there is no need to introduce anti-bullying legislation at this time because the current prevention strategy in Island schools is providing the message that bullying is unacceptable.

However she said she hasn't ruled it out for P.E.I. in the future.

Five other provinces, including Nova Scotia, have enacted anti-bullying legislation.

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