A class project called Operation Gratitude at Birchwood Intermediate School in Charlottetown is giving students a lesson in being thankful. 

Students will thank members of their community through small acts of kindness and recognition, starting with Moncton’s fallen RCMP officers and Canada’s veterans.

"Not everybody would just give away their life to make our lives safer. We should respect the people who would," said student Rosie MacQuarrie.

On Monday, students attended a ceremony at the Charlottetown cenotaph as part of the class project.

"We wanted to just kind of reach out to community and make some ties with them and show how gratitude can go a long way,” said Melanie Myers, a teacher at Birchwood Intermediate. 

Over the last eight months, students have been growing flowers in their classroom and delivering them to local seniors homes. 

Myers hopes these new connections will grow into longer-term relationships.

“They've also connected and realized that some veterans are, you know, in their communities, in homes or in seniors homes and they need to be visited and recognized and thanked,” said Myers. 

This is the first year for Operation Gratitude.