There was a little bit of rain across P.E.I. Tuesday night, lowering the forest fire index to low to moderate.

With the risk of forest fires down, forestry officials lifted the ban on open fires across the province early Wednesday afternoon.

"For the average person, small camp fires for cooking and necessary warmth will be allowed without a permit," said Dan McAskill, manager of fire protection for the province.

"If they are doing any other open burning outside a town or city then they require a burning permit."

The Environment Canada station at Charlottetown Airport recorded 3.2 millimetres of rain as of midnight, and more fell in the early morning hours. Twin Shores Camping Area called CBC News to report five millimetres of rain fell overnight.

The forest fire index was dropped to low in northeastern and western P.E.I., and to moderate in central-southeastern P.E.I.

The lower forest fire index could be short lived. There is no further rain in the forecast before Monday.