A new group is circulating a petition on P.E.I. to lobby for changes to the province's adoption legislation.

The Coalition for Open Adoption Records wants no barriers for birth parents or adopted children when it comes finding out their history. Four provinces and one territory have already opened their records.


Chad Crockett would like to meet his birth mother and see how she and his birth family are doing. (CBC)

"I'd just like to get some medical history and find out, you know, how they're doing and if they're still alive. If I have any brothers or sisters out there," said Chad Crockett.

Crockett's teenage mother put him up for adoption when he was seven months old nearly 40 years ago. He has often imagined what it would be like to meet his birth mother.

"I would hug her, I would thank her. Because she put me up for adoption because she wasn't able to look after me," he said.

Crockett is part of the new group COARPEI. The group is being helped by Valerie Andrews of Origins Canada, a national lobby group.

"The government has no place in holding these records," said Andrews.

"Once people are adults they have the choice to contact whoever they choose."

P.E.I.'s Adoption Act does allow for disclosure, but only if both parties agree.

The Coalition for Open Adoption Records plans to present its petition to government.

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