Piping plovers fared better than expected through post tropical storm Arthur

Island Nature Trust officials say piping plovers on P.E.I. fared better than feared through the weekend storm.

The nests were checked on Friday, with staff returning Monday to survey the damage.

"Three of the four nests were still there," said Julie-Lynn Zahavich, the project coordinator for the piping plover program. "So we just lost one nest over the weekend to flooding. And all of the chicks survived."

"The nest we lost was at North Rustico and it was washed over with sand. We were expecting to not have any nests. So we were quite happy to find three of our four nests still intact," said Zahavich.

"We didn't get as much rain as we thought we would. And rain is usually the kicker. When it's windy, they'll hunker down in the merram grass. So that is probably what they did."

Zahavich said those numbers are for the main part of the province. She said there are also nests in a chain of islands off western P.E.I.  Nature Trust officials are hoping to check in on those later in the season.

The endangered birds are known for a distinctive black band that runs across their foreheads from eye to eye, and also for a black ring around their necks.