The family of defending Olympic gold-medal bobsleigh champion Heather Moyse is reconsidering whether they will make the trip to Sochi to watch her compete.

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Terrorist threats have Sharon Moyse reconsidering travelling to Sochi to watch her daughter, Heather Moyse, compete in the winter Olympics. (CBC)

Moyse's mother Sharon told CBC News Tuesday the family has their visas and all the tickets they need to attend, but they still haven't made a decision on whether they will actually go.

"We were talking to [Heather] last week on the phone and she's concerned about us going, and wondering if she might be responsible for us being in danger," she said.

A terrorist group, which claims responsibility for a December bombing in Russia, has threatened further attacks during the Olympics. Sharon Moyse said the family is not only considering the safety of making the trip, but also how their presence in Sochi might play on her daughter's mind.

"We have to consider the fact that if we do go, it might be more on Heather's mind than if we don't," she said.


Heather Moyse won gold in bobsleigh at the 2010 Olympics with Kaillie Humphries, and the two will defend that title in Sochi. (MICHAEL KAPPELER/AFP/Getty Images)

"If we're there, she might be worried about our safety the whole time we're there."

Moyse said if they do travel to Russia they'll be sticking close to the Olympic venues, where security is at its highest. Even if the family does go, they may not see much of Heather.

"We actually have been told this time, and we've never been told for any other Olympics, that we may not actually be able to see our athlete because they'll be under such tight security measures," she said.

This is Heather Moyse's third winter Olympics. She won gold with Kaillie Humphries in Vancouver in 2010 and will compete with Humphries again in Sochi.

The Moyses aren't scheduled to fly to Sochi until Feb. 12, giving them a couple more weeks to make a tough decision.

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