Olive Crane

Independent MLA Olive Crane says she has about a dozen volunteers helping her. (CBC)

Olive Crane won't be accepting any financial contributions to help with her work as an independent MLA in the P.E.I. legislature.

Only registered parties can accept donations outside of an election campaign.

Crane said she found out last week, as some of her constituents were coming forward, wanting to contribute.

"The independent MLA is really something unusual for the legislature. And, again for me, I'm learning as I'm going," said Crane.

"But in terms of the unfairness, I didn't write the rulebook. And to heck with that, I'm just going to do the work anyway, right?"

P.E.I.'s Conflict of Interest Act prevents MLAs from accepting any gifts which might be seen as able to influence them in the performance of their duties.

And the Elections Expenses Act says only registered parties can accept donations until the writ for an election has been dropped.

Crane doesn't receive an operating allowance like the government and opposition caucuses.

She said she has about a dozen volunteers helping her with paperwork.

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