The old Prince Edward Home in Charlottetown, a seniors care building due to be shut down within the next two weeks, could find a new purpose within the health care system.

The new Prince Edward Home will be ready to open soon, and most residents will be moved in there within the next two weeks. The palliative care unit at the old facility will remain open.


Health Minister Doug Currie says more details on what will be done with the old Prince Edward Home will come out in the next few months. (CBC)

Health Minister Doug Currie said his department is looking at whether the large, 80-year-old facility could house other services.

"Right now there's no concrete plans to do anything with the facility, but I have asked my department to look at the potential opportunities for ways that we could support our acute care system," said Currie.

"We're a population of 145,000 we have to make sure we're getting good value for every resource we have."

Currie said one possibility is providing some beds for medically-discharged patients who are stuck in hospital as they wait for a spot in a manor.

More details will be released in the next few months.

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