Old Home

Organizers of the provincial exhibition are pleased with attendance. (P.E.I. Association of Exhibitions)

Old Home Week officials say overall attendance was up slightly this year despite initial fears that free 2014 events would cut into ticket sales.

The general manager of the P.E.I. Provincial Exhibition, Rayanne Frizzell, said there were concerns about the impact of 2014 concerts scheduled during the same time period.

But she credits a $5 drop in the price of Old Home Week passes and a solid entertainment lineup for helping to make a difference.

"Things ran quite smoothly," said Frizzell. "We saw a decrease in the number of one day attendees but certainly the pass sales were up significantly. The end number is 83,467 guests."

Last year 82,761 people attended Old Home Week events.

"We are certainly happy that we held our own given everything else that was going on this year for sure," said Frizzell.