The Department of Transportation Renewal and Infrastructure says residents near Murray River have reported a raccoon and rodent infestation in a series of abandoned buildings. (CBC)

Officials on P.E.I. are trying to evict unwanted tenants, including rats and raccoons, from old buildings near Murray River before the structures are demolished next month.

The Department of Transportation Renewal and Infrastructure said the creatures have taken over the buildings that will be removed to widen the main streets.

"We had received calls from local area residents advising that they were infested with rodents and possibly raccoons and skunks and things like that. Based on what we were told, we thought things would be a lot worse, they have found some evidence of things, but I don't think that they've caught a whole lot of animals," said Leo Creamer, spokesman for the department.

The buildings include a store, apartment building, warehouse and the old post office.

The exterminators have been working for two months for close to $400.

The buildings will likely be demolished next month.