The global Occupy movement came to Prince Edward Island Saturday, and attracted about 125 people to a protest outside Province House in Charlottetown.

The Saturday demonstration was part of a worldwide call to denounce corporate greed and financial mismanagement.  Demonstrations were held in more than 80 countries, including at least 15 cities in Canada.

Students, labour leaders, politicians and health care advocates addressed the crowd in Charlottetown. Liberal MLA Richard Brown and NDP Leader James Rodd were both present.

There was also an open mic portion of the event where demonstrators were invited to take the stage and share their thoughts with the crowd. Organizers are planning another demonstration for this coming Saturday.

The Occupy movement started in New York City in September, with protestors setting up in a park near Wall Street. Protests have since spread across the U.S. Saturday was the movement's first co-ordinated international event.