O'Leary votes to become a town

Residents of O'Leary overwhelmingly supported the local council's efforts to become a town Monday night.

Residents of O'Leary overwhelmingly supporting the local council's efforts to become a town in a vote Monday night.

There was no opposition to the plan at the public meeting.

Community chair Stanley MacDonald said the move would give councillors the responsibility to make decisions without having multiple public meetings.

"Ordinarily we would have one regular meeting a month, and in between if there was something that came up that needed a decision it would require something like a 10-day process of advertising," said MacDonald.

"That was a handicap to us, because if something didn't get looked after one month then it got looked into another month and delays. And that's not the way. We're living in changing times and council, it needs to make decisions much, much more promptly."

The motion to become a town will be introduced during a council meeting Thursday night, then application will be made to the province.