The number of Prince Edward Islanders receiving regular EI benefits continues to drop steadily.

EI recipients Unemployed Percentage
Fewer EI recipients on P.E.I.
March 2012 8,870 9,100 97.5%
March 2013 7,950 10,400 76.4%
March 2014 7,260 9,800 74.1%

In March 2014, there were 7,260 Islanders receiving regular benefits. That's a drop of almost nine per cent from the year before, and 18 per cent from March 2012. Since March 2012 the number of unemployed has gone up.

An analysis by CBC News early this year showed the percentage of unemployed receiving employment insurance fell dramatically in January 2013, when EI reforms took effect. That change was particularly dramatic for unemployed women.

In a response to the story earlier this year, the federal government credited an improving economy for the drop in EI recipients.

Overall, the number of people receiving EI was down across the country, but there were increases in Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador and Saskatchewan.