Anne Kirk

North Rustico Mayor Anne Kirk says the community is excited about the opportunities provided by becoming a town. (CBC)

North Rustico officially left village status behind on Friday, and is now a town.

Mayor Anne Kirk said the local council applied to the province to become a town a few months ago. As a town it will be easier for North Rustico to get grants, and the council can pass the annual budget without it going to a public vote.

Kirk believes the higher degree of control provided to a town council will allow the community to move forward on projects such as a new nursing home and more retail stores on the waterfront.

"It's just an exciting time for the whole village," said Kirk.

"Being a town makes you feel like, oh well, we're really going to move forward on this."

Kirk says the town council now has to meet with the Department of Municipal Affairs to go over the next steps in the process.

Letters are going out today to residents, informing them about the change.