The provincial fire marshal says a fire Tuesday afternoon at Brookfield Gardens in North Milton, P.E.I. was caused by an unattended burn of construction debris.

The fire spread to a steel barn, which was destroyed in the blaze.

"We determined that there was an unattended burn that had taken place on the property, burning of construction debris and that in turn spread to a storage area where there was palette boxes that were repaired — I believe in the area of about 600," said Dave Rossiter. "They in turn caught fire. The fire then spread from there to the warehouse."

Two fire fighters with the North River department were sent to hospital with heat exhaustion, but have since been released.

Rossiter said he has turned the file over to the Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry for further investigation.

"Because there was construction debris that was being burnt, this is contrary to the Environmental Protection Act," said Rossiter.

The fine for an individual who violates the act ranges from $200 to $10,000.

The fine for a corporation is $1,000 to $50,000.