There was just a scattering of snow on P.E.I. fields on Christmas day. (Kevin Yarr/CBC)

While some Prince Edward Islanders were hoping for a white Christmas, the province's farmers were better off without it.

The frost was still shallow in the ground on Christmas day, and it's better for farmers if the frost has a chance to penetrate into the ground before the snow comes.

"When we get snow before we get frost, the snow insulates the ground the frost never does go down into the soil," said Gary Linkletter, who grows potatoes in the Summerside area.

"That means all the volunteer potatoes, certain insects, whatnot, a lot of them survive to spring because of that. They become a great host for blight and also disease that carries over from one year to the other. So if we get a good frost here before we get our snow it cleans up a lot of those problems."

Last year the frost came before the snow, said Linkletter, and he's hoping it happens again this year.