'It is a tough one for our education.' — Finance Minister Wes Sheridan

P.E.I.'s English Language School Board estimates the introduction of the HST will cost it $573,000 in the coming year, and the government says it will just have to deal with that added cost.

While the cost of many items goes down a little with the new tax, the cost of some things — such as diesel and electricity — are going way up. Overall, the school board calculates it is going to be spending a lot more money.

The two school boards, English and French, shared an increase in funding of about $960,000 in the budget introduced last week, which comes to about a half per cent. The English Language School Board figures more than half of that will be eaten up by HST costs, and has sent its calculations to Finance Minister Wes Sheridan in the hopes something can be done to restore that money to its budget.

But Sheridan said the board has all the money it will get this year.

"However they want to spend it. We've given them more money into the school boards, how they spend it is totally up to themselves," he said.

"It is a tough one for our education. No administration has stood stronger on education than we have."

The English Language School Board said it will be meeting with the province over the next week or so to go over the details of the new budget.

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