No insurance for vandalized cottage

A P.E.I. family is facing a big clean-up bill after vandals hit their summer cabin.

Insurance does not cover vandalism

Lou Douse is dismayed at the damage to his family's cabin on the Morell River. 2:17

A P.E.I. family is facing a big clean-up bill after vandals hit their summer cabin.

Nearly 40 years of memories were packed into Lou Douse's cabin in the woods near Vernon River. A week ago, he and his family discovered their possessions and been tossed around the cottage along with charcoal for the barbecue, windows smashed, and furniture spray painted with profanity.

Ryan Douse with his daughter Eva. Douse's family cottage on the Morell River was vandalized. (CBC)

"They set out to do this. It wasn't anything that got out of hand or anything," said Douse.

"Who would do this? You know, what kind of a person would do this?"

Lou and his sons had planned to do some renovations so his grandchildren could enjoy summers along the Morell River.

"It really, really upset me and my family," said Ryan Douse.

"We had just talked actually the day my father noticed it, me and my wife, that we planned on fixing it up a little bit more and actually spending time here with our daughter Eva."

The cabin has been swept out, bedding and other spoiled possessions thrown away. There is still a lot of clean up to do, and the Douses will have to pay for it, because their insurance doesn't cover vandalism.

"So anybody out there, if you got a seasonal place, you'd better check to see whether you've got vandalism insurance," said Douse.

The family has turned to social media for help in locating the vandals, and they would like to thank the community for its support.


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