Lt.-Gov. Frank Lewis and his wife Dorothy are handing out something special at one of P.E.I.’s traditional New Year’s day levees.

The Lewis’s are handing out custom-made calendars to guests who drop by Government House New Year’s Day between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

The famous photograph of the Fathers of Confederation is featured on the calendar. The photo was taken in 1864 in front of the Lieutenant-Governor's residence, Fanningbank.       

Lewis said it's a nice memento.

“Well we always try to have a piece of memorabilia, I mean we gave away the Diamond Jubilee, the little pins, one year. We like to have a little piece for them to take away with them. We just thought this being a special year this would be a good thing to do,”  he said.   

There are refreshments and music by The Singing Strings.

Lewis said he's looking forward to the 2014 celebrations marking 150 years since the Charlottetown Conference that led to Confederation.

This year he's hoping for a royal visit, perhaps from Prince Edward or Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

The levee is an old French tradition that comes from the French word "levee" which means "get up". Troops would visit their commander on New Year's Day to pay their respects. It was brought to French colonies in North America and later adopted into English settlements.

Meanwhile, the levee at Government House in downtown Halifax is expecting 250 to 500 people to attend. The levee is the second largest event of the year at Government House in Halifax, next to the garden party.