The University of Prince Edward Island's newly elected student union president says she is hoping to steer the campus in a new direction.

Third-year biology student, Anastasia Smallwood, wants to make the student union more transparent and find ways to involve the student body.

Smallwood also hopes the union will start a dialogue with the provincial and federal governments.

"On the front of the provincial and federal governments, I think we definitely need to do a better job at that. It's not my strongest point and it's something that I need to learn about," said Smallwood.

"But one of the goals of the student union in the next year is to create a lobby document to give to provincial government to say, 'Hey, this is what our students want. This is what our students need and this is the concerns that they have.' So it's something that future executives can base their decisions on as well."

The student union will consult with the campus population to figure out those needs, said Smallwood.