New jobs at the Summerside Tax office could offset layoffs from October 2012, says Dawn Hardy, local president of the Union of Taxation Employees. (CBC)

One hundred recently announced jobs for the Summerside Tax Centre could offset layoffs from last fall, says the union representing taxation employees.

Federal Revenue Minister Gail Shea announced May 15 that 20 full-time and 80 part-time positions will be transferred to P.E.I. from Ottawa.

Dawn Hardy, local president of the Union of Taxation Employees, said the new jobs could help make up for 70 Canada Revenue Agency layoffs last October at the tax centre and at an archives office in Borden-Carlton.

"So we have a good news story in that, of the list of people who were affected, we're down to about 10 permanent workers right now that are … still looking to find out whether or not they're going to have a position with the agency," said Hardy.

"With the new workload coming, there's a certain feeling that maybe some of these affected employees might get the chance to move into that new workload."

Hiring starts this fall.

However, some people already doing those jobs in Ottawa could follow them to Summerside.

Either way, it means new salaries and contributions to the local economy, said Summerside Mayor Basil Stewart.