Qamar Zaman

Qamar Zaman says his pesticide spraying equipment, which is designed for blueberries, can be adjusted for use on other crops. (Dalhousie University)

Some P.E.I. farmers are looking at buying technology to reduce the amount of pesticides they use.

Qamar Zaman of the Dalhousie School of Agriculture in Nova Scotia has invented equipment that would save farmers money, and help the environment, by reducing the pesticides they need to spray.

The technology uses cameras attached to software that allows the sprayer to tell crops from weeds, and then the equipment sprays an herbicide on the weeds only. The equipment is designed for blueberries, but Zaman said it can be adapted.

"McCain company, we are in touch with them. They are interested to have [the technology for] potatoes," he said.

"Strawberry growers are also interested to adopt this technology, to save chemicals."

The equipment costs about $20,000. Zaman said a medium-sized farm would save that in pesticide costs.