The monument at Port La Joye/Fort Amherst overlooks Charlottetown Harbour. ((CBC))

A new monument commemorating the infamous expulsion of Acadians from P.E.I. 250 years ago was unveiled Saturday.

Called the Acadian Odyssey Monument, it overlooks Charlottetown Harbour from Port La Joye/Fort Amherst National Park.

Not only were thousands of French-speaking Acadians ordered by the British to leave the Island in 1758, about 700 were lost at sea during the deportation. The monument ceremony wraps up a year of special events to commemorate the deportations.

"I think everybody's impressed with the quality and the volume of activities we've had over the last year, everywhere on the Island, from Tignish to Souris," said Edmond Richard of the Societé St. Thomas d'Aquinas.

"We've had activities in schools, in theatres, a lot of historical activities all over the Island."

The Island monument joins five others in the region remembering deportations of Acadians.