For the second Easter in a row, an image of Jesus Christ has appeared to parishioners of St. Simon and St. Jude Roman Catholic Church in Tignish, P.E.I.


The image appeared on the top piece of the cross. ((Phonse Jessome/CBC))

This year the image appeared on a wooden cross placed by the altar to mark the Easter season. Marjorie Jeffrey noticed it Monday afternoon. She said it appears to be Jesus pointing to his heart, with the Virgin Mary beside him. She said some children have also reported seeing angels above the image.

She said the image seems to be a part of the wood.

"To me its a great sign from the Lord, because there's a lot of praying going on in the church, because we have the side chapel there with the blessed sacrament exposed, there's prayer there going on 24/7," Jeffrey told CBC News Tuesday.

"I think it's a message from the Lord that we need to pray more. We need more prayer and more people in church, coming to church."


Clergy played down the significance of last year's image.

Last year at the same church many people reported seeing the face of Jesus in a cloth put up to celebrate Easter. Local clergy played down last year's image, but people travelled from as far away as Charlottetown— a two-hour drive— in order to see it.

Jeffrey said the new sighting has not attracted a lot of attention from outside the community.

A spokesperson for the parish said Tuesday that a few people have been coming to see the new image, but all are being asked to treat the church and its parishioners with respect.