Three Catholic parishes in the Charlottetown area are planning for a new cemetery.

Three Catholic parishes have joined forces with plans to open a new cemetery on 30 acres of land they are buying in the greater Charlottetown area.

The property is in Winsloe. The provincial cabinet has given the development the go-ahead.

The sale is expected to be completed by the end of the week.

Officials with St. Dunstan's Basilica say the new state of the art cemetery will take four or five years to get ready. The global positioning system will be used to show the exact location of burial plots.

The search has been on for new property for several years. That's because the Catholic cemetery on St. Peters Road in Charlottetown has been taking burials since 1888.

Officials figure there will only be enough plots for another six or seven years.

They have not disclosed the price for the land in Winsloe, but all three parishes are paying into the capital fund.