The new ambulances for Island EMS cost about $100,000 each. (CBC)

Five new ambulances on P.E.I. will make both patients and paramedics safer, says the company that runs the province's ambulance service.

Island EMS paramedics has had the Mercedes Benz Sprinter ambulances in service for about two weeks.

"Things like wrap around airbags. we've eliminated the bench seat so there are bucket seats. It allows the paramedic to be in close contact with the patient but still remain restrained," said operations manager Jeff Waring

"It has sensors on it to alert if anything is around it. Lighting has been researched so that it stands out in snowstorms and/or fog."

The ambulances cost about $100,000 each. Paramedics estimate they'll last about five years.

Island EMS plans to keep buying two new ones every year.