Hockey PEI says some of its players are taking part in a potentially dangerous drinking game.

Junior and midget team players, aged 15 to 18, have been neknominating each other, challenging each other to alcohol drinking stunts on social media. The stunts typically involve making a video of chugging alcohol. Someone is then named to repeat or outdo the stunt.

"When it comes inside a hockey dressing room, around a team, it's definitely a concern to us," said Hockey PEI executive director Rob Newson.

"There is a liability if we were to ignore that, and the safety of perhaps someone driving afterwards or if something happened in relation to this activity."

Hockey PEI has a new social media policy in place to protect players and the organization. Newson said neknomination is a violation of these rules.

Hockey PEI is urging teams to provide more adult supervision in locker rooms to prevent this.