NDP Leader James Rodd made a bold promise Tuesday in an effort to attract and keep doctors on P.E.I. as he unveiled the party's health platform in Charlottetown. 


NDP Leader James Rodd would like to stream junior high students into health care professions. (CBC)

"A doctor for every Islander," said Rodd. "You know, that's not an easy answer."

Rodd wants to go into P.E.I. junior high schools to find those kids who have an interest in the healthcare field.

"A government would stream that person towards the end goal and provide incentives for those people to come back to Prince Edward Island," said Rodd. "And if they spent five years, we would look after their tuition and the costs associated with that."

Rodd said he has no idea how much his

'If we had gone out to Staples and picked up a program off of the shelf … I'm sure we'd have something better.'  —NDP Leader James Rodd

promise would cost, but that it's more of an investment than a cost if it means more doctors live and stay on P.E.I. 

Rodd is also critical of government's way-over-budget electronic health filing system. The auditor general said it has cost Islanders millions of dollars. 

Rodd's plan is a lot cheaper.

"Some people have said if we had gone out to Staples and picked up a program off of the shelf and got some people from Holland College in the IT sector, I'm sure we'd have something better," said Rodd. "And maybe that's where we need to go."

Rodd also believes Health PEI needs to be accountable to Islanders, so he said he would hold elections for board members.