P.E.I. would be an ideal location for a pilot project on guaranteed income suggested by the Canadian Medical Association, says Island NDP Leader Mike Redmond.

A recent Canadian Medical association report recommends Ottawa conduct a major pilot project to evaluate and test how a guaranteed annual income could help deal with poverty.


The size of P.E.I. would make measuring a guaranteed annual income pilot project easier, says NDP Leader Mike Redmond. (CBC)

The association says poverty is a leading factor of poor health.

Redmond said P.E.I. should be considered for a pilot.

"Our size and our demographic certainly supports the ideal of being able to have a guaranteed annual income project, and it would be easier to be able to measure it at the end of the term," he said.

"I think we are best suited for this type of project."

Many Islanders already suffer the health consequences of poverty, said Redmond. Governments have to start realizing that reducing poverty also reduces the strain on the health care system, he said.

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