Mike Redmond says members of unions or retired MLAs could determine the salary of current politicians. (CBC)

The leader of P.E.I.’s NDP party says it’s time MLA salaries are tied to provincial performance.

Mike Redmond said the wages should be rolled back to last year's rate, and then tied to progress on budget targets, action on Auditor General reports, environmental measures and reducing the debt-to-GDP ratio.

Premier Robert Ghiz didn’t want to comment on the idea Monday. Last Friday, Ghiz said he planned to continue with the independent commission that sets salaries for now, but is willing to look at other options in the future, if someone can come up with a better plan.

Redmond said his party is putting together a proposal that would give the Auditor General's office or another body the ability to determine increases or decreases.

"You could use people from the unions to be a part of that committee," Redmond said. "You could also use retired MLA's - I know there is a committee within that structure. And I think at the end of the day, they will come up with a recommendation to the government."

Redmond said if the Liberals and Conservatives are open to the idea, changes could be in place in another year.