The future of food: National food policy consultation in Charlottetown

The federal government held the first of six sessions on a the country's first national food policy in Charlottetown Wednesday.

People who missed session in person can still have input in online survey

A session to discuss the national food policy will be held in Charlottetown. (Dean Fosdick/Associated Press)

The federal government held the first of six sessions on a the country's first national food policy in Charlottetown Wednesday.

Hasan Hutchinson, director general of the Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion with Health Canada, said the sessions will let people weigh in on the future of food in Canada. 

"This government has made this one of their mandate commitments for the minister of agriculture to put together a food policy," he said. 

The government wants Canadians to help build the food policy, says Hasan Hutchinson. (Matt Rainnie/CBC)

Hutchinson said Canada needs a food policy because of the various things that could be affected for the availability and access to food.

The discussions will include local policy makers, academics and industry representatives.

"And now what we're starting and we're initiating are six different meetings across the country where we're going out and talking to folks about … the different sorts of things that we think we should be working on," said Hutchinson. "Are we getting it right or not … so we're really getting folks to help us build the policy."

Those who can't attend a session can take part in an online survey until the end of August. 

The goal is to have the national food policy released next year. 


  • This story previously stated the Charlottetown session was upcoming. It was, in fact, held Wednesday.
    Aug 10, 2017 8:04 AM AT

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