Olive Crane survived a test of her leadership of P.E.I.'s Progressive Conservatives on Saturday, but the close vote may have been the worst possible result for the party, says a UPEI political scientist.


The vote leaves the decision on the leadership of the party in her hands, says Olive Crane. (CBC)

Delegates voted on a motion for a review of Crane's leadership next year, before the 2015 election. The motion was defeated 384-342.

"Quite frankly, this is probably the worst result for the party and for the leader," said political scientist Don Desserud.

"It doesn't resolve the issue. What you want is a decisive result that people can say OK this is over. This still means that there's a substantial number of people that don't like the current situation and want it changed."

Blake Doyle was elected party president at the weekend meeting, and now has the difficult task of trying to bring the two sides together.

"I supported Jamie Ballem in the recent leadership convention and I support the leader, Olive Crane, today," said Doyle.

"I hope that I can represent some sort of a unifying force between both camps. And I think we should all be focused on working together to move our agenda forward."

Crane said the vote puts the decision regarding her leadership into her hands. Crane said she'll decide next year if she feels she can lead the party to victory in the next election. If she feels she can't, she said she'll step aside.

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