Atlantic Canada's first-ever NDP government made some mistakes in its first term of office, says P.E.I. NDP Leader Mike Redmond, and paid for them at the polls this week.

Mike Redmond

Island New Democrats gained crucial campaigning experience in Nova Scotia, says Mike Redmond. (CBC)

The party was handed a crushing defeat in Nova Scotia Tuesday night, moving from government down to third-party status. Redmond said Nova Scotia voters sent a clear message on issues such as the cancellation of the ferry service between Yarmouth and Maine.

"I think the ferry in Yarmouth was one of the issues, I think you know concerns about Muskrat Falls, the environment certainly would have been another issue," said Redmond.

"There was some missteps with expenses and MLAs. Those are things that shine a negative light on government."

Redmond said the loss won't hurt the party on P.E.I. The party on the Island is ready now to stand on its own, he said.

The Nova Scotia election did provide an opportunity for Island New Democrats to get some campaign experience. Dozens of volunteers went over to help with the campaign.

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