P.E.I. Mussel King has received a repayable federal and provincial government loan to help with full-scale production of a new product, Mussels in Minutes.

The company, located in Morell, will use the $925,000 from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the P.E.I. Century Fund to produce the product.

Mussels in Minutes are pre-packaged mussels in a microwaveable pouch with seasonings inside. The mussels are ready to eat after being microwaved for three minutes.

"This cook-in pouch of live mussels with vegetables offers a meal-in-a-bag solution for consumers who want to enjoy this gourmet treat without any fuss or clean-up," said company president Esther Dockendorff.

The company will use $350,000 from ACOA and $325,000 from the P.E.I. Century Fund to start full-scale production.

P.E.I. Mussel Farms, a subsidiary of P.E.I. Mussel King, will use $125,000 from each to purchase automated mussel sock fillers. The machinery will help the company increase productivity and production to meet market demand.