Music PEI is adding movie and television music supervisors to a showcase this week to increase the chances for musicians to get played on television and film.

'It's a pretty small investment considering the work that's created.' - Rob Oakie, Music PEI

Five music supervisors are at this year's showcase. Three supervisors were invited to Music Week in January as panelists sharing their expertise with artists. One of those panelists went on to get music from four Island artists on the popular Canadian TV shows Rookie Blue and Saving Hope.

Music PEI executive director Rob Oakie said that success prompted his group to pay the airfare for five music supervisors to be delegates at this week's Showcase events.

"We had so much success the first time around. We saw some fantastic placements, so it just made sense to increase the number," said Oakie.

"It's a pretty small investment considering the work that's created as a result of it."

Three of the music supervisors are from Los Angeles. Oakie said it is more expensive to bring in music experts from that far away, but Hollywood is the centre of the movie business so he thinks it's a good investment.

Oakie would not break down the cost of bringing in the supervisors. The entire cost of the three-day Showcase is $60,000, covered by a mix of private and public money.