P.E.I. will be the last province to recognize Royal Conservatory of Music exams for high school credit when changes accepting the tests come into effect next year.

Lori Linkletter, a piano teacher who helps prepare and test students for RCM exams, said they are not an easy option.

"They're a little intense and can be a little nerve wracking," said Linkletter.

"You've got between 30 minutes and an hour depending on your grade level to prove that you are an accomplished musician."

The acceptance of RCM exams for credit is part of a larger move by the province to recognize extra-curricular activities. Last year some cadet programs were accepted.

"We're starting slowly but we're moving very quickly now," said Kathy McDonald, director of English programs at the Department of Education.

"We're very pleased to be able to recognize students who spend considerable dedication and hours of practice to gain certification with the Royal Conservatory."

All 10 provinces now accept RCM for high school credit. Linkletter is pleased that young people can now be rewarded for their passion for music.

"I find it very exciting," she said.

"My students now have the opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments, to be encouraged to keep their music going through high school when it's often a decision of: do I have the time to make this a priority?"

Many post-secondary music schools recommend or require RCM exams for entrance.

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