Green Park Shipbuilding Museum

The museum foundation operates several small sites around the Island, including the Yeo House Shipbuilding Museum in Green Park near Tyne Valley. (P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation)

The P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation is looking for a firm commitment from the government to build a central museum for the province.

The foundation currently operates seven small sites across the province, but holds a huge inventory of artifacts in storage. Talk of a central museum predates the current Liberal administration, going back more than a decade, but no government has come forward to build one.

Board members recently wrote government asking for a firm commitment.

"We look at it as a line in the sand," said board chair Harry Kielly.

"If government is not prepared to move in direction that the board recommends, and is not prepared to put some emphasis on the things that the board is committed to, we have to question why have a board."

Kielly said some board members are considering resigning if no action is taken.

The board is suggesting Founders Hall as a good site. Government hasn't responded to the board officially but Heritage and Tourism Minster Rob Henderson told CBC there is no money for such a project at this time.

Museum sites had a banner year on P.E.I., with visitation up 23 per cent.