The Murray River Train station was demolished on Monday after standing for close to 110 years.

The local council voted last month to tear the old building down, despite objections from community chair Garnet Buell.

Buell, along with some other supporters, wanted to restore the old building. They thought it could house a few retail shops and attract tourism.

Buell says it was difficult to see the station come down on Monday.

Murray River train station

A group of residents was working to have the Murray River station restored, but many others complained it was an eyesore. (Stephanie Kelly/CBC)

“The loss is a big loss. It's our heritage has gone down the drain. Once it's gone, you can never get it back. And it would have been wonderful. We have a lot of good pictures of the station when it was intact,” he said.

“A sad day for me and a sad day for many others because these last two weeks, I have had call after call trying to save the station. But it was too late.”

Those who wanted the train station demolished said it was an eyesore and raised concerns about the state of the building and the cost of restoration.

The last passenger train on P.E.I. ran in 1968.