Residents of the North Gate neighbourhood in Cornwall, P.E.I. have presented town council with a petition protesting part of the town's new master plan.

Cornwall council

Coun. Peter Meggs says it is clear the majority of North Gate residents are opposed to the changes proposed in Cornwall's master plan. (Brendan Elliott/CBC)

The town plans to rezone certain areas, including the North Gate area, including zoning of a nearby empty lot for multi-unit homes and apartment buildings.

North Gate resident Colleen Soltermann told council Wednesday night an apartment building would mean a higher density area and busier traffic.

"The town plan indicates that one of their strategies is to ensure that they maintain the integrity of the neighbourhood," said Soltermann.

"For us having that density of buildings would impact the character of the neighbourhood."

Soltermann and other residents sent a letter to other community members, and about 50 people came out to a meeting at Soltermann's house. Out of that came a petition to town council, asking for the area not to be a part of the town plan and not to be rezoned.

 "I would say it would be pretty overwhelming that they're not in favour of any changes up there," said planning committee chair Coun. Peter Meggs.

"All of that gets taken into consideration when we do our final deliberations for what our official plan is going to look like."

Meggs said council meets again in a couple weeks and will then make final decisions about the master plan.

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