Rookie MP Sean Casey scored a rare victory Thursday after passing a motion for the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs. ((CBC))

It's a rare feat, but Charlottetown Liberal MP Sean Casey was able to pass a motion before the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs. Conservatives were late for the meeting and lost the vote.

It calls for the committee to suspend work on a commemoration study and focus instead on the looming $200 millions in cuts to the Department of Veteran Affairs and the impact on veterans and staff.

"The Conservatives unilaterally set the agenda, putting my motion at the end of the agenda. As soon as the meeting started I was able to get the chairman's attention and presented my motion there and then," Casey told CBC News Thursday.

"Three conservatives were late for the meeting, although we did have a quorum and as a result of a vote among those present, it passed. They weren't very happy."

Casey said he feels bad that some of the witnesses scheduled to speak before the committee Thursday had to go back home because of his motion.

But he said it’s vital the cuts be discussed as soon as possible.

Casey said despite Thursday’s victory, he's worried the Conservatives on the committee will find some other way to quash his motion or restrict the witness list.