P.E.I.'s Heather Moyse is best known for winning Olympic gold for bobsledding, but now she's heading out on a very different adventure: She's going to climb the highest peak in Antarctica.

Moyse is taking part in the True Patriot Love expedition in January, raising funds and awareness for Canadian veterans.

Moyse said she hesitated at first knowing temperatures in Antarctica reach -40 C.


Moyse and her climbing colleagues have been training for the expedition in the Rockies. (Facebook)

"Anybody that knows me knows that I don't do very well in the cold at all, and I've never done any mountaineering," she said.

But eventually the challenge outweighed her fears.

"I talk all the time, I speak all across the country about stepping outside your comfort zone and figuring out what you're truly capable of," Moyse explained.

"This a prime example of me being able to do that and I'm pretty excited to go."


Moyse will make the Antarctic climb with eight veterans recently returned from overseas duty. (Facebook)

Moyse said eight veterans who have recently returned from duty overseas will also be on the expedition.

She is training now to get ready for the 9 to twelve-hour days, carrying a 25-kilogram pack.

Moyse has currently raised $8,555 of her fundraising goal of $50,000. You can find her online donations page here.