A 32-year-old mother of three, recently diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer, is the subject of a fundraising campaign in both Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

Stephanie Doyle Grady grew up on a farm in Auburn, just east of Charlottetown, and now teaches at a school near Cornwall, Ontario. While pregnant with her third child, Grady was diagnosed with cancer.

At first doctors believed it was based in her left lung, and that lung was removed. But further testing showed it was not lung cancer, but nut midline carcinoma. There are only 60 documented cases of the disease worldwide.

"It's very rare, it's aggressive," said Grady.

"Fortunately though they've been studying it for a couple of years in Boston. They've come up with a very specific drug that targets this mutation. It can slow or even stop tumour growth and even shrink tumours."

Grady is currently undergoing chemotherapy and will take the trial drug in May.

Friends and family in both P.E.I. and Ontario have been fundraising for her.

On P.E.I. a dance and auction is planned for March 29 at the Fort Augustus Rec Centre. The Ontario campaign has more than a dozen events in March. A calendar of those events is available on The Grady Fund web site.