Moore from the Districts

CBC reporter Erin Moore journeys around P.E.I. to discover what's on the hearts and minds of voters.

The CBC's Erin Moore hits the road, talking to P.E.I. voters about the issues and concerns that affect them most before they go to the polls Oct. 3.

Erin writing her last blog post in the newsroom. (CBC)

Charlottetown not clear cut

Voters in the electoral districts of Charlottetown-Brighton and Charlottetown-Victoria Park have some high-profile candidates from which to choose, including the leaders of the Liberal and Green parties, a media personality and veteran politicians. Find out what voters are saying in Erin's final blog before the Oct. 3 election.

Voters turned off by tone of debate

Again in Stratford, then West-Royalty-Springvale, Erin hears that people weren't too impressed with the nasty nature of the debate held at the University of Prince Edward Island Thursday evening. Also, the PNP is still on the minds of voters as you can read in Erin's eighth blog.

PNP, transparency on Queens County voters' minds

Basing herself in Stratford, Erin discovers that the provincial nominee program is definitely an election issue for people from all around Queens County and the fight in Districts 5 and 6 isn't necessarily about party affiliations, it's about the candidates. Get Erin's take in her seventh blog.

No fence-sitters in Kings County

Erin makes a desperate plea for Queens County residents to please talk to her next week. Plus, who is PC Leader Olive Crane really campaigning against? Check out Erin's blog number 6.

A day in Montague 

Today, Erin spoke with Montague area residents and found out that they, like their other Kings County neighbours, are concerned about not having enough doctors and jobs. Find out what Erin heard in her fifth blog.

A first foray into King's County

She's back on the road and today Erin discovers that people in Souris and Georgetown are mainly concerned about a lack of both doctors and jobs. Check out her fourth blog in the series.

Summerside and area

Erin tackles questions from locals before she can even start asking them in Summerside. In Erin's third blog, read about what voters are concerned about before they head to the polls Oct. 3.

Erin continues 'Up West' 

In Erin's second blog, she's finds several Liberal supporters in Tyne Valley, shares a coffee and political talk in O'Leary and finds voters willing to chat outside the Wellington Co-Op.

The first day: Alberton & Tignish

It's day one of CBC reporter Erin Moore's journey around P.E.I. to discover what's on the hearts and minds of voters. Erin found herself at the western end of the Island where she spoke with residents of Districts 26 (Alberton) and 27 (Tignish). Find out what they told Erin in her first blog entry.