A new private school is coming to P.E.I., with the Montessori School of Charlottetown set to open its doors in September.

The school is being funded by the Homburg Institute, and will be located in the National Bank Tower in downtown Charlottetown.

It will initially be open to students from kindergarten to grade six, with intermediate and high school classes being added in the coming years.


The Montessori School of Charlottetown is set to open in September. (Cara Campbell/CBC News)

"Montessori is a beautiful approach to educating children, where every child has their own individual learning plan," said Wraychel Horne, the new school's executive director.

"They can take their time to grow on their path and learn the way that they want to learn," Horne said.

Classes are kept small, usually 20 students or less, and so far about 30 students have expressed interest in attending.

"We are envisioning probably two to three classrooms to start in the fall," said Horne. "So that will mean probably 35 to 55 students, spanning kindergarten, the lower elementary, and potentially even an upper elementary class right away."

Facilities for gym, arts

The Montessori curriculum also features gym, art and music class time.

"We have 8,700 square feet, so we've got a multipurpose room for recreation and running around and all that kind of fun gym activities," said Horne. "We have two private music rooms, we're going to have every instrument of the orchestra represented in one of our music rooms, a soundproof room for private lessons."

Tuition will cost around $12,000 a year per student, with that fee based on what other private schools in the region are charging.

An information session will be held Tuesday night at The Holman Grand Hotel.