P.E.I. RCMP and police from the city forces in Charlottetown and Summerside are in Moncton to help in the search for a man who allegedly shot and killed three RCMP officers and wounded two others.

RCMP believe the shooter is 24-year-old Justin Bourque. He is still at large and believed to be in an area in the north of Moncton.

Moncton shooting RCMP barricade

Police have closed down a neighbourhood in Moncton while the search for a man suspected of shooting three RCMP officers continues. (Marc Grandmaison/Canadian Press)

Three Charlottetown officers and a further three from Summerside are part of the team sent from P.E.I.

"They're trained above and beyond what a normal patrol officer would be trained in. They're trained specifically for these types of situations and these scenarios," said deputy chief Gary McGuigan.

"They are trained with advanced weapons, special equipment."

RCMP say about 20 of its officers from P.E.I. were deployed.

Much of Moncton has been closed down as the search continues. People in the neighbourhood where Bourque is believed to be are being told to stay inside and lock their doors.

Confederation Bridge keeps watchful eye

Confederation Bridge officials have not been contacted by RCMP but say they are on alert in connection with the events in Moncton.

Bridge general manager Michel Lechasseur said while the suspect appears to be contained to one area of Moncton, his staff members are aware of the situation and are ready in case the situation changes.

"We keep on the alert. We have patrollers," said Lechasseur.

"We have maintenance people on the bridge and so on, and everybody is well aware of this situation. If we are told to close the bridge, for example, or something of that nature by directive from RCMP, this would happen immediately."

Trying to keep kids safe and calm

Dr. Heidi James, formerly of P.E.I., lives in Moncton in the area where Bourque is believed to be hiding.

"We were in our living room watching a cartoon with the kids and we heard a series of gunshots," James told CBC News Thursday morning.

Minutes later a friend called to tell her there was a posting on Facebook about an armed man walking down her street. Since then, James has been trying to keep away from windows in the house.

"The four of us were downstairs in the little bathroom for a while … Mostly just trying to keep the kids cool, calm and collected, and calm ourselves," she said.

"The kids at this point are oblivious to what's going on … They just seem excited to have a day to hang out at home unexpectedly."

Flags are flying at half mast at government buildings, police stations and fire stations on P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz has issued a news release expressing his sympathy, and his pride in the P.E.I. police officers who have gone to Moncton to help.