Many people heading home from the Shania Twain concert opened up their wallets to volunteers collecting donations to help the families of the fallen RCMP officers in Moncton.

The volunteers met the line of cars streaming through the toll booth leading up to the Confederation Bridge.

Bridge staff say it's the first fundraiser of its kind in recent memory.

"It feels good because from over here you can't really do a whole lot so anything you can do to help out,” said volunteer Janet Nichols of Charlottetown.

“It's a pretty sad situation and I know this is going to a very worthy cause and hopefully it will help the families because I know it's very difficult for them."

All the money raised will go to the Moncton Fallen RCMP Members Fund. The collection started shortly after the June shootings.

Strait Crossing Bridge Limited spokesperson Laurel Lea says they’ve been communicating with local RCMP since the tragedy.

"The tragedy in Moncton in June hits close to home for not only Maritimers, but for people across the country. We decided we wanted to offer our assistance to the RCMP to help them in their fundraising for the families of the fallen officers. Obviously every bit counts for these families," she said.

It was decided this weekend would be the perfect opportunity to help out as concert goers head back home.

Trent Byrne was on the Island for the concert and is heading back to Cape Breton.

"I think it's a great idea. It's obviously a good cause and I'll certainly be one that will be donating,” he said.