The P.E.I. Union of Public Sector Employees is upset about a suggestion from NDP Leader Mike Redmond that MLA salaries might be rolled back.

As part of a larger discussion around MLA salaries and how they should be set, Redmond suggested MLA salaries be rolled back to 2012 levels. UPSE president Debbie Bovyer worries that would set a dangerous precedent.

"The union does not support rolling back wages. We believe everyone is entitled to a pay increase," said Bovyer.

"We disagree with breaking binding agreements that have been put in place. And if that's an agreement that there is a wage increase then that would be a violation of an agreement. Public sector employees and many government employees have been through a wage rollback and it was not a pleasant experience for anyone."

Bovyer is also concerned about Redmond's suggestion that a committee made up of retired MLAs or officials from the auditor general's office could review MLA salaries. She said the union does not support any model that would have union members determine MLA wages.

The province should continue to use the independent commission that currently sets salaries for Island MLAs, said Bovyer, if it wants to avoid conflicts of interest.