Perry says he doesn't have any trouble with Olive Crane staying on as Opposition leader if he is named interim leader. (P.E.I. legislature)

Hal Perry, MLA for Tignish-Palmer Road, has joined the race to be interim leader of P.E.I.'s Progressive Conservative Party.

Perry joins fellow MLA Steven Myers and former candidate Linda Clements in offering to take on the job.

Current Leader Olive Crane officially gives up her position as leader Wednesday. She has created some controversy by saying she intends to remain opposition leader. Myers has said he believes interim leader and Opposition leader should be the same person.

Perry said he's fine with Olive Crane staying on as Opposition leader.

"Olive Crane is our opposition leader and I respect her in that position," he said.

"I, if chosen, for interim leader, will not put any pressure on anyone to remove her from that position."

He admitted it would be unusual to have two people, a party leader and an Opposition leader, sitting side by side in the legislature.

Perry isn't ruling out an eventual run at the permanent job.

A vote of the party executive and caucus on an interim leader will be held in February.